Style Guide: How to Style Any Jacket or Coat // March 15, 2021

No matter what anyone has to say, jackets are a must-have item in every women’s closet! You, yes the big boss woman you are, can sport a shearling jacket, leather jacket, or trench coat with just about any outfit and become an instant style icon. Jackets are one of my favorite go-to style pieces that can instantly elevate my outfit with little effort. So…here is an easy guide to styling jackets!

1. Choose the right fit. The fit of the jacket is more important than you may realize. I prefer jackets that are slightly tailored with a length that hits right above my hips. Slightly tailored jackets fit for most figures and are your best bet!

2. Details make a difference. Choose a jacket with a unique pattern, cool color combo, or unique sleeve details! This will elevate your look and make it look expensive…hint, hint!

3. Layer. Shearling jackets, leather jackets, and trench coats pair perfectly with staple and statement graphic tees. You can also pair jackets with neutral, understated turtle necks, bodysuits, or midi dresses. Don’t be afraid to layer a button-down shirt underneath as well!

4. Find the perfect shoe. I love pairing my statement jackets with Golden Goose, Soludos, or Common Project sneakers. Recently, I have been obsessed with Nike Air Force 1’s and Nike Dunks. These popular sneakers will make your look more sporty. Depending on the occasion, I also love to pair my outfits with a high shaft sock boot.

5. Finish the look with a cute bag. You can pair the look with a tote bag if you are headed to an important business meeting, but you can also pair the look with a mini bag. Mini bags are my personal favorite and have just enough space for me to carry all of my essentials. The bonus of carrying a mini bag is that they are less burdensome than tote bags!

Shop some of my picks below to complete your fall, spring, or winter look. No matter your shopping budget, you can still strut in style in your own unique way! Step out of your comfort zone and wear it with confidence! The most important way to feel comfortable wearing something out of your comfort zone is to add your own flare.

Check out a recent post of mine for some more helpful pointers, including shoe pairings for leather pieces here

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Feel free to comment any thoughts below and don’t forget to check out my previous post here for styling inspiration! Have a wonderful and safe week!

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